Warranty Policy

1. Warranty Period
All ASUND products come with one year warranty.
• The warranty periods start from the day when the product is shipped from ASUND factory.
• Peripherals and third-party products not manufactured by ASUND will be covered by the original manufacturers' warranty. (Examples of such products and accessories include LCD, RAM, HDD, FDD, CPU, CD-ROM, etc.)
• For customers who require extended warranty, we offer services at additional charge.

2. Subject
• ASUND warrants that each product failing to function properly under normal use, due to a effect in materials or workmanship or due to nonconformance to the agree upon specifications, will be repaired or exchanged, at ASUND option and expense.
• For products containing storage devices (hard drives, flash cards, etc.), please back up your data before sending them for repairing. ASUND will not be responsible for loss of data.
• Please ensure the use of properties licensed software with our systems. ASUND does not condone the use of pirated software and will not serve systems using such software.
• For general repairs, please do not include peripheral accessories. If peripherals need to be included, be certain to specify which items you sent on the RMA Request & Confirmation Form. ASUND will not be responsible for items which do not be listed on.

3. RMA (Return Material Authorization) procedure
Customer should follow the standard RMA procedure by applying the RMA# from ASUND, and be ready to send back the RMA goods within 15 working days. Failure to do so may incur as an unauthorized RMA.

4. DOA (Dead On Arrival) procedure
DOA should be claimed with 30days (invoice date) upon the receipt. In any occasion, DOA should first been verified with ASUND engineers for confirmation, and follow the standard DOA procedure by applying the DOA, ASUND should send out the replacement within 10 working days upon DOA. Approval by using ASUND appointed forwarder

5. Delivery charge

5.1 RMA:
Each party should prepay for one-way freight charge within the warranty period. Customers should response and use ASUND appointed forwarder to return the RMA product.
5.2 DOA:
ASUND is responsible for all delivery charges, and customers should use ASUND appointed forwarder to return the DOA product.

Apply RMA:
Email: sales@asund.com